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In Store Sales Training and Hiring

Since 1982 Steve Lemco has been hiring and training The 7 Step Lemco Procedure for the motorcycle industry. Who could be better at the Lemco procedure then a Lemco who has been doing it for over 30 years?

Steve will fly to your location and hire additional salespeople if requested along with training and motivating your existing crew. Steve will also work with the sales manager putting up the boards that will keep the attitude alive. He will also work with the manager to make sure they have a clear understanding of how to run the Lemco system.

Steve has hired and trained for hundreds of dealership in 5 different countries for over 30 years and found that many of the key issues are still the same. Nobody shops for what they donít want! So if they come in to your store there must be a way they would make the buying decision. Switching from the price to the low monthly payment is still and always will be the best way to help the customer understand that his dream comes at a very affordable payment.

Another fact Steve has learned is that there is an abundance of great people that would love the opportunity to work for you. Some of these green-pees will become super stars in the future. They have the desire; Steve has the road map. Put the two together along with a sales manager who keeps the Gotta-Wanna alive and amazing things will happen!!!

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