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In 1984 when video was just getting started Steve Lemco saw the potential of sharing his message for generations to come. Steve had spent the last 12 years working directly under his brother Ed at Motorcycle Mall and Ed Lemco Honda-Buick Steve started on the floor in 1972 and quickly rose to general sales manager due to his success and Gotta-Wanna. In 1983 Ed Lemco & Associates was on it way to becoming the largest motorcycle consulting company in the world. After 10 years of living the message, Steve began teaching and preaching it. Video made it possible to get the message to every dealership in the country at a fraction of the cost compared to a live performance.

In 1984 the first motorcycle sales-training video was shot. It was called You Gotta- Wanna-The 7step Lemco Procedure. In 1986 the second video was produced called The Telephone the Salesmens Best Friend. In 2002 the video's were converted to a DVD. Even though it is several years later the fascinating part is that the message has not changed one bit. Yes the prices and the models are different but the desire to own one is still the same. It actually makes the message more fun to watch seeing the past and realizing the message is still the same. Both DVD subjects are rolled played by ED, Ron, & Steve Lemco.

If only one person learns one thing of one of the 12 tapes then you will more then double your investment. But we say that everyone will learn at least one thing per subject to get an extra sale a month. I will let you figure out the return on the investment.

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