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In June of 1972 at the age of 18 Steve took his first sales position working for his brother, Ed Lemco selling Suzuki motorcycles in Albany Oregon. In the following 10 years Steve had the privilege and pleasure of learning from his brother Ed and rose with him implementing the true Lemco 7 step sales system. 

In 1983 Steve started knocking on dealerships doors trying to explain the Lemco 7 step sales system and how if done properly would not only increase volume and profits but also greatly improve the back-end numbers. (In those days most dealers did not know what F&I stood for.) The rest is history. There are now hundreds of Lemco dealers who are many of the most profitable, best organized customer-friendly dealerships in the country.

There are several people that will try to represent or imitate the Lemco method but there is only one Steve Lemco. He was there. He has been fighting the war for 32 years. Over that time besides the 10 years of on the floor education with the master Ed Lemco, Steve has taught and learned from some of the sharpest people in the country. He is a graduate of General Motorís institute but more important for 32 years he has remained a student of the reality and simplicity of sales. 
1972-1973. 1 of 3 salesman, Albany Suzuki
1974-1977. Sales manager of 8 salesman, Motorcycle  Mall
1977-1983. General sales manager 18 salesman Ed  Lemco Honda Buick
1983-Current.  On the ground floor of helping  establish  Ed Lemco & Associate. Steve has done over a thousand sales seminars in 5 different countries with new or existing salespeople. One of his many talents is hiring a new green-pea team that will out sell most 10-year salespeople.  Steve has stayed focused for 32  years working with salespeople explaining the simplicity of the Lemco 7 step sales method.

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